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Net Source Technology

Net Source Technology - Inventor of composite heterogeneous PTFE hollow fiber membrane

Jingyuan Technology is a company that provides industrial water treatment, municipal water treatment, ultrapure water treatment, sewage treatment, reclaimed water treatment, desalinated water treatment, seawater desalination treatment, concentration separation treatment, drinking water treatment and process treatment. Water treatment high-tech company. With its leading membrane technology and rich application experience, Netsource Technology is committed to providing technology users – from enterprises and government agencies to individual consumers – with integrated solutions based on efficiency, energy efficiency and economy. The overall demand for growth.

Excellence in management and innovation

Industry leading PTFE hollow fiber membrane manufacturer

Zhejiang Jingyuan Membrane Technology Co., Ltd. is registered in Jiangbei District of Ningbo City and is a national high-tech enterprise listed on the New Third Board (stock code 836674). The company has key technologies for film forming equipment manufacturing, membrane yarn production, membrane engineering component manufacturing, membrane separation and membrane water treatment. It has a series of PVC, PS, PVDF hollow fiber membranes and other products. In particular, the fourth generation of innovative products, net source composite non-homogeneous PTFE hollow fiber membrane production and equipment manufacturing core technology, with complete independent intellectual property rights, won the first prize of the 2017 China Membrane Industry Association Science and Technology Award, achieved super A major breakthrough in microfiltration hollow fiber membrane green membrane technology. The successful application of this technology provides an innovative technology with superior competitiveness for the membrane water treatment field, which greatly promotes the deep penetration of membrane products in the field of environmental protection, especially in the field of water treatment.

One-stop technical service, hand in hand with different customers

From research and development to manufacturing to engineering, we provide one-stop service.

Net Source Technology currently covers all aspects of R&D, design, production, manufacturing, sales, engineering construction, installation and commissioning, after-sales service, etc., and has obtained ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification, ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification, and GB/T28001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification and many other professional certifications and qualifications. Our company cooperates with customers in different industries to develop long-term and extensive business in the fields of municipal, electric power, steel, petrochemical, printing and dyeing, paper, textile, food, medicine, chemical, electronics, electroplating, coal, and hardware.

Pursuing excellence, leading the future

The competition in the future is the competition of technological innovation and the competition of sustainable development. We are striving for progress and actively researching and developing, and we are committed to being at the forefront of technological innovation.

Net Source's goal is to be the industry's leading provider of comprehensive solutions for water treatment and process.
Continuously improve the comprehensive competitiveness of Net Source Technology to better meet the multi-level needs of different customers, enabling users to obtain more efficient, energy-efficient and economical products, technologies and services.
Customer satisfaction is the eternal pursuit of Net Source Technology and the cornerstone of the sustainable development of Net Source Technology.