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Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Reverse osmosis membrane series

Reverse osmosis membrane series

Reverse osmosis is a pressure gradient-driven membrane separation process. Like a molecular filter, it can effectively remove dissolved salts, colloids, bacteria and organic matter in water. The reverse osmosis process is the reverse process of natural infiltration. In the process, in order to generate the reverse osmosis process, a water pump is used to apply a pressure to the saline solution to overcome the natural osmotic pressure, thereby allowing water to pass through the reverse osmosis membrane, and the impurities such as dissolved salts in the water are prevented from being blocked in the permeable membrane. Side; at the same time, in order to prevent the dissolved salt impurities in the raw water from focusing on the surface of the membrane, the concentrated water should continuously rinse the surface of the membrane to open the impurities in the concentrated water and the membrane surface, and then realize the whole process of reverse osmosis desalination purification.

Main features of reverse osmosis membrane products:
◆ It should have high efficiency desalination rate at high flow rate;
◆ has high mechanical strength and service life;
◆ Can function under lower operating pressure;
◆ can withstand the effects of chemical or biochemical effects;
◆ Less affected by factors such as pH and temperature;
◆The raw material of film making is easy, the processing is simple, and the cost is low.

Main application areas of reverse osmosis:
1. Preparation of large boiler feed water and various industrial pure water;
2. Preparation of drinking water,
3. Production water for industries such as electronics, semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, medical, food, beverage, alcohol, and chemical industries

4. Water treatment in the water treatment and environmental protection industry

The net source membrane reverse osmosis desalination device is assembled by using the most advanced reverse osmosis membrane components, pressure vessels, meters and dosing metering pumps produced at home and abroad. The accessories such as the carriage, pipeline and high-pressure pump in the reverse osmosis unit are mainly produced domestically. The main performance of reverse osmosis equipment has reached the advanced level in foreign countries. The product is designed and manufactured by our factory. According to the different engineering needs of users, we can choose various types of reverse osmosis membranes to design the reverse osmosis desalination that is more suitable for your project. Installation, customers are welcome to choose.

Reverse osmosis membrane

Process flow chart of reverse osmosis system: