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Membrane-Bioreactor (MBR) is the application of membrane separation technology in the field of microbial treatment technology. Replacing the end of the traditional biological treatment technology with the membrane module, the activated sludge and macromolecular organic matter in the biochemical reaction tank are retained, and remain in the biochemical pool to continue biochemistry, so as to maintain the high activated sludge concentration in the bioreactor. It is convenient to continuously react and degrade the refractory substances, so that the biochemical reaction of degrading sewage can be carried out more quickly and thoroughly, and the effluent water quality is better. Secondly, due to the high filtration precision of the membrane separation module in the membrane-bioreactor, the solid-liquid separation capacity of the system is improved, the footprint of the sewage treatment facility is reduced, and the amount of excess sludge is reduced by maintaining a low sludge load. High quality water production.

The MBR membrane can increase the concentration of activated sludge (MLSS) in the biochemical system to 8000~12,000mg/L or even higher; the sludge age (SRT) can be extended to more than 30 days. Because of its effective retention, microorganisms with a long generation period can be retained, and the sewage can be deeply purified. At the same time, the nitrifying bacteria can fully reproduce in the system, and the nitrification effect is obvious, which provides an effective way for deep phosphorus removal and nitrogen removal.

The net source film mainly produces CFP series immersion (curtain) membrane module products, which have the following advantages:
◆ Immersion MBR products are made of high-light PVDF alloy material or PS alloy. They adopt international leading ultra-high water flux filtration technology, and the filtration precision reaches 0.1-0.5um, while maximizing the uniformity of membrane pore size;
◆ Provides superior performance, long life and important low-cost investment for business users;
◆ Adopting high-light film-forming technology, it can withstand long-term continuous high-speed water flow and cheongsam flow impact, and help users solve a lot of broken wires.
◆ It can withstand almost all known chemicals to achieve filtration of complex water quality;
◆ It can be cleaned with high concentration of strong oxidant;
◆ The membrane material has elasticity and good flexibility;
◆ High water flux, stable water quality, effluent water turbidity is usually less than 1NTU;
◆ Interface introduction, easy installation, can completely replace the same type of membrane module (without replacing the frame).

Process flow chart of MBR system

MBR membrane wire

CFP series immersion (curtain) membrane module specifications

Specification Dimensions a × b × c (mm) 534×450×1020 534×450×1520 534×450×2020
Two sets of water pipe center distance (mm) 1020 1520 2020
Fiber outer diameter (mm) 2.2 2.2 2.2
Membrane area (m2/curtain) 10 15 20
Interface mode DN32 plastic tube
Performance Membrane material PVDF alloy
Standard design water production (L/d. curtain) 3500-5500 5500-8500 7200-10800
Separation aperture (um) 0.2
Negative pressure resistance (Mpa) 0.06
Porosity(%) 88-95
Effluent turbidity (NTU) ≤1
Effluent suspension (mg/L) ≤1
Conditions of Use Recommended design operating pressure (Mpa) 0.02
Liquid PH value February 10
Operating temperature (°C) 5-45
Gas to water ratio (volume ratio) 15:1~30:1
Aeration direction Proline fiber direction
Membrane fiber installation slack (mm) October 30
Sludge concentration MLSS (mg/L) 3000-10000
Test Conditions Test solution Second sinking pool sewage
Test temperature (°C) 25
Test solution negative pressure (Mpa) 0.02

Note: This table is based on the experience and facts of the net source, and the net source confirms the correctness and reliability of the data. Since the user's conditions of use are not controlled by a net source, the customer is responsible for determining whether the net source product is suitable for its use. For specific design issues, please consult the source directly and the source will provide all possible assistance. The data in this table indicates that it may be changed or updated without prior notice. Please understand.