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The 2019 China Film Industry Development Summit ended successfully, and the net source membrane technology was well received.



Time:2019-05-14 15:07:00


In 2019, the China Film Industry Development Summit was held in Jiangbei, Ningbo. In this hot land, which is known as the “City of Film Power”, this year is the third time that the focus of film materials, production, research and research has collided, bringing together the top R&D, industry and technology in China, leading the rapid development of the film industry.

Membrane Summit grand opening

With the theme of “All-film Industry Technology Leading the Global Market, You and I Share”, this summit is dedicated to giving full play to the rich membrane industry technology innovation enterprises and expert scientific research resources owned by China Film Industry Association, and establishing one-stop film industry technology innovation. And the resource docking service platform to promote the development of the technology innovation industry in the membrane industry in Ningbo and Jiangbei, promote the rapid transformation of technological innovation achievements in the membrane industry at home and abroad, enhance the innovation drive capability of Jiangbei Membrane Power Town, and realize the rapid development of membrane industry technology.

Experts gathered high-end dialogue

Experts gathered at the opening ceremony of the day. Gu Xiulian, former minister of the Ministry of Chemical Industry and vice chairman of the 10th National People's Congress Standing Committee, visited the summit. More than 100 well-known domestic and foreign film materials and upstream and downstream industrial enterprises and industry experts were invited to attend the conference. For example, the Chinese Academy of Engineering Gao Congxiu, Hou Li'an, Yan Xigao, Deng Maicun of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhao Jungui, secretary general of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, and Xing Weihong of Nanjing University of Technology all have important keynote speeches at this summit. Throughout the overall situation of the industry, we will explore the development trend of the membrane industry with a high degree of industry, multi-view and multi-dimensionality, and show our respective viewpoints, so as to design the top layer, formulate the industry strategy, propose the framework and outline, and propose solutions. Enterprise experts directly talk to the ministries and commissions and local leaders to contribute wisdom to China's membrane industry policy.

Academician Gao Congyi first mentioned "PTFE hollow fiber membrane" technology in the annual report of the annual film industry.

At the same time, six sub-meeting forums were held on the same day. Many industry experts talked about the future development of membrane materials technology from various angles. The forums are: Sub-forum on the latest technological research results of membrane technology, membrane separation technology in the field of chemical wastewater zero discharge and petroleum refining, sub-forum, membrane technology in water ecology, beautiful rural construction sub-forum, late film-related project Operation and maintenance sub-forum, sub-forum on application and development of photovoltaic film technology, closed-door meeting of financial institutions.

At the summit, the China's photoelectric film industry development demonstration base, which has received much attention, settled in Jiangbei. This is another major milestone in the construction of the “City of the Force” after the announcement of the “China Film Capital” in the first film summit in 2017.

At present, relying on the "film magic power town" innovation platform, Jiangbei has gathered a number of leading enterprises such as Net Source Membrane Technology, Changyang Technology, Jiangbei Zhizhi and Huizhixing, forming a purification membrane material, photoelectric display film material, and protection. Membrane materials are the leading high performance membrane industry cluster.

Net Source Film Technology has won numerous awards

"The net water film technology of Net Source Membrane Technology breaks the monopoly of the world's top 500 enterprises." Chinese companies have bid farewell to the era of no bargaining power, and have used the cost-effective domestically produced products to award the patent award for the film industry. At the just-concluded 2019 China Film Industry Development Summit, Jiangbei local enterprise Zhejiang Jingyuan Membrane Technology Co., Ltd. obtained the Chinese film by virtue of the completely independent research and development of the "composite method for preparing heterogeneous polytetrafluoroethylene hollow fiber membrane". The film industry patent awards awarded by the Industrial Association, only five companies nationwide won this award.

Net Source Membrane Technology won the 2019 Film Industry Patent Award

At the same time, in order to promote the construction of China's film industry credit system, fulfill industry responsibilities, improve the industry's corporate integrity awareness and risk prevention capabilities, enhance the industry's self-discipline level, regulate the internal competition order, and promote the healthy development of the industry. According to the principles of fairness, openness, and fairness, recommended by the China Membrane Industry Association, third-party professional organizations, review, review, review, publicity, review, filing with the Ministry of Commerce, etc., China film industry enterprise credit rating evaluation results (The seventh batch) was also announced at the China Film Industry Development Summit. Net Source Membrane Technology is finally rated as AAA in production.

Net Source Film Technology's final credit rating is AAA for production

Net Source Membrane Technology Shen Xufeng won the title of “Excellent Engineer in the Film Industry”

Net Source adheres to the road of innovation, breaking the international technology monopoly

Behind the patent gold award is the technical hard power of Net Source Film Technology. In the past, filter membrane technology has been monopolized by some of the world's top 500 companies. Chinese buyers have no bargaining power and can only buy products that are several times higher than the cost. "If you want to break this unfair market, you must have breakthrough technological innovation, otherwise you will not be able to compete with them." Wu Xiaochao, general manager of Net Source Membrane Technology said. So in 2010, the net source membrane technology component team anchored the goal and looked for a new quality material for the water film.

After three years of hard work, Wu Xiaochao led the team to successfully develop a composite heterogeneous polytetrafluoroethylene hollow fiber membrane preparation method (hereinafter referred to as PTFE hollow fiber membrane), breaking the international monopoly and achieving rapid technological iteration, becoming the industry leader, China. The only company that has the ability to produce such products. PTFE hollow fiber membranes have excellent performance and high quality and cost performance, and are gaining more and more enterprises to purchase. Net source membrane technology quickly opened up the market, and its products are widely used in various industrial wastewater, urban tap water, rural drinking water and municipal sewage treatment, including many sewage treatment facilities in Jiangbei. At the same time, Net Source Membrane Technology "hands in" the Institute of Process Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Architectural Design and Research Institute of Tongji University, the Shanghai Municipal Engineering Research Institute and other institutions to conduct in-depth research and development on different application scenarios and product performance of water purification membranes, and in Wanhua Chemicals, Hangzhou Iron and Steel Co., Ningbo Water Company, Tianji Coal Chemical Coking Wastewater, Xinhecheng Pharmaceutical Wastewater, Guangda Environmental Landfill Leachate, Tianhong Printing and Dyeing Wastewater Treatment and other enterprise projects have been applied and won the unanimous approval of customers. PTFE hollow fiber membranes were also selected in the first batch of key new materials catalogues of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in 2018, and obtained nearly 20 national patents. China's manufacturing once again demonstrated a huge "film" force.


Nowadays, high-performance membrane materials have been included in China's planning special projects as strategic new materials. New materials including membranes have been listed as one of the four hundred and fifty billion clusters in Ningbo, and a large number of membrane materials such as separation membranes and cooling membranes are fine. Sub-domain enterprises are constantly entering Ningbo, and the real map of the construction of “China Film Capital” is being waved. As the core city of Ningbo, Jiangbei District will closely follow the high-quality development of “five-chemical linkage”, join hands with experts and enterprises in the film industry, and develop the film industry to create the largest membrane material manufacturing highland and technology. The film industry with the highest content is the highland and the world's leading film material talents gather in the highlands.