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Net Source Membrane Technology Debuted at the Annual Meeting of the Central Intervention Leachate Special Committee and the First High-Level Seminar on Leachate Treatment Technology Theory and Practice



Time:2019-05-30 15:15:00

In late May 2019, sponsored by China Urban Environmental Health Association, Tsinghua Suzhou Environmental Innovation Research Institute, China Urban Construction Research Institute Co., Ltd., Everbright Environmental Technology (China) Co., Ltd., Shuimu Zhanqing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. and other seven units. Jointly co-organized by the China Urban Environmental Sanitation Association Waste Leachate Treatment Professional Committee (referred to as "Central Association Leachate Special Committee") 2019 Annual Meeting and the First High-level Symposium on Leachate Treatment Technology Theory and Practice" in Suzhou Grand opening.

Xu Wenlong, deputy secretary-general of the China Urban Environmental Health Association, and Xu Moqiang, deputy secretary-general, attended the annual meeting. More than 100 scholars and experts from domestic universities and enterprises attended the meeting. The annual meeting was hosted by Yue Beibei, chairman of the Central Association of Leakage Leakage Committee and vice president of the Environmental College of Tsinghua University.

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Liu Qiang, Executive Vice President of China Materials Recycling Association, gave a speech on the theme of “Striving for the New and Creating a New Situation for the Quality Development of the Renewable Resources Industry in the New Era”. The International Conference was invited by the conference chairman Prof. Raffaello Cossu (Italy) The University of Padua) is entitled "The future of solid waste management". At the meeting, Cai Hui, Secretary-General of the Central Leakage Leakage Committee, made a 2018 annual work report to the conference, and put forward the key work in 2019. He read out the list of adjustments of the committee members and gave them to the committee of the newly added landfill leachate treatment committee. brand. Chen Gang, deputy secretary-general of the Central Association of Leachate Leakage, made a report on “Application and Practice of China's Landfill Leachate Treatment Technology”.

Chen Gang, Deputy Secretary-General of the Central Association of Leachate Leaking Special Committee

In the same period, the Central Association of Leachate Leakage Special Committee and the Symposium on Urban Mining and Waste Management (SUMEast) International Conference jointly held the “First Symposium on Leachate Treatment Technology Theory and Practice”. This seminar focused on the combination of academic theory and engineering practice, and was supported by the national key research and development program “High-concentration leachate carbon and nitrogen synergy reduction and full-concentration processing technology and demonstration of concentrated liquid” (2018YFC1901405).

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During the meeting, Chinese and foreign experts took the time to share the frontier scientific and technological achievements of the international leachate treatment and management policy, explore the application cases and development potential of leachate treatment hotspot technology, exchange leachate treatment project management and long-term operation mechanism, and leaching for China. The healthy development of the liquid processing industry provides strong support.

Fu Yiyi, Director of Technology and Technology of Net Source Film, as the representative of the company, on the theme of "High-strength PTFE hollow fiber membrane product characteristics and engineering application", from the multi-angle professional technical layer to the product characteristics of PTFE hollow fiber membrane, membrane module pouring structure characteristics, engineering application case Wait for professional meticulous sharing. And in the subsequent technology sharing salon to answer the professional questions of the audience.

Technology sharing salon

The net source membrane technology R&D team successfully developed the preparation method of composite heterogeneous polytetrafluoroethylene hollow fiber membranes, breaking the monopoly of foreign technology and realizing rapid iteration of technology, becoming the leading high-tech enterprise with mass production capability. The national membrane industry has added a foothold to the world's advanced products.

At present, Jingyuan Membrane Technology has accumulated a large number of engineering application experience in various application fields. Net source membrane technology quickly opened up the market, and its products are widely used in various industrial wastewater, urban tap water, rural drinking water and municipal sewage treatment, including many sewage treatment facilities in Jiangbei. At the same time, Net Source Membrane Technology "hands in" the Institute of Process Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Architectural Design and Research Institute of Tongji University, the Shanghai Municipal Engineering Research Institute and other institutions to conduct in-depth research and development on different application scenarios and product performance of water purification membranes, and in Wanhua Chemical, Hangzhou Steel, Ningbo Water Company and Tianji Coal Chemical Coking Wastewater, Xinhecheng Pharmaceutical Wastewater, Guangda Environmental Landfill Leachate, Tianhong Printing and Dyeing Wastewater Treatment, etc., the excellent performance and high quality of PTFE hollow fiber membrane The price/performance ratio has been unanimously recognized by customers.