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Application of PTFE SMF/RO in water reuse engineering in printing and dyeing

Types:Technical Inquiry


Time:2017-04-01 15:34:00

Abstract: The process of "oxidation decolorization + air flotation device + immersion membrane filtration + reverse osmosis" is used to process the water in printing and dyeing, and the water is reused in the process of dyeing production. The design system inlet water COD≤100mg/l, conductivity ≤12000μs/cm, color ≤80, turbidity ≤10NTU, iron≤10mg/l; treated water 5000m3/d, reused 2500m3/d. The system produced water was tested by COD=3mg/l, conductivity=326μs/cm, color, turbidity and iron were not detected; the cost of recycled water treatment was 3.51 yuan/m3. The reused water quality is better than the water quality index of dyeing water in the technical specification of textile dyeing and finishing industrial wastewater treatment project HJ471-2009. The project runs stably and the benefits are obvious.

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